Soliloquy on multiples Portraits.
"Perspectivism Portraits"

Oil on Coucher paper . Twenty pieces 100x70

Sandstone sculpture.The stone called "Marés" is one of the element that defines Menorca.

Moments of the countryside

Nine pieces of art, pictures of figures and symbols awaken for each individual the part that is an ephemeral moment of a countryside memory.

Installation in VivArte Nature

Stone balustrade installation, in Vivarte Nature


GRecoACTE 2017

Presentation of the traditional folk dance “Kavontoritikos”  in a modern threshing floor along with an interactive performance of pictorial character.
Dance groups and regional associations present the local folk dance not only as an optical and acoustic experience but also as a transformation in colors due to the transparent palette of the Spanish performer Sandra Pons Carreras.