Small and life size sculptures, architectural reliefs and applications and ceramic objects.

Artworks with thematic content and structures that can remain in nature and the open space.

Most of the sculptures and art works are settled in VivArte nature, a project that aims to focus on the development of natural spaces through human activity. Explores art in rural areas and proposes the role of arts and culture activities as co-producers of a new meaning about living better and more sustainable. This option provides a natural space to the art-associated, giving contemporary art a unique context.   

sculpture-aerated concrete- sandra pons carreras - spanish artist- greece
Gaia In Greek mythology, also spelled Gaea, was the personification of the Earth and one of the Greek primordial deities.

sculpture-areated concrete-sandra pons carreras-spanish artist-greece
Aerated concrete sculpture (ACC). Treated with white cement. Life size. 

sculpture- fiberglass-sandra pons carreras-spanish artist-athens
"Si por un instante" Life size fiberglass sculpture on painting.

head-sculpture-driftwood-sandra pons carreras
Little heads and figures carved on driftwood

stone heads sculpture-mares-sandra pons carreras-menorca

Sandstone sculpture. The stone called "Marés" is one of the elements that define Menorca.

sculpture-tools-carpenter-sandra pons carreras
Sculptural composition, with elements and tools of the carpenter's trade.

Human landscape 

Installation of life size sculptures. Four pieces of art that combine painting and sculpture in the open space. Transformation of planes by human figures. A constant struggle between being and having.

sculptures- open space-artistic installation-sandra pons carreras

scupture-painting-sandra pons carreras-vivarte nature

scupture-fiberglass-painting-sandra pons carreras- spanish artist-greece

Chambranle sculpted relief on aerated concrete.

Front door -relief - aerated concrete-sandra-pons-carreras

Main door of the Vivarte Art Gallery in the island of Evia

Interior design

Architectural applications-interior design-sandra pons carreras-greece

Decorative applications. Small rooms in nature and outdoors sculptures settled in the "Nymphs forest Art Retreat" . An ideal space to rest and detox for our guests who participate in our programmes on awareness. Art and culture experiences in Vivarte nature.

Decorative applications give a richer projection to interior spaces, ceramic tiles, reliefs, "fresco" wall painting. Personal tailored made interior design.

sulpture-aerated concrete-heads-sandra pons carreras
"Heads of friendship" is a concrete structure with crystal inlays that surround the two heads made of aerated concrete.