Espacios aleatorios, 150x120 mixed media on canvas

"Luz de luna" 150x100 oil on canvas

"Portillo a una ilusión" 70,5 x 138,5. Oil on canvas.

"Aura femenina" 60x40 oil on canvas.

"Resting in her lap" 60x50 oil on canvas
"Solos" 60x35 oil on cavas

"Asphyxia" 135x160 mixed media on canvas

"Tied worlds" 120x80 mixed media on canvas.

The three Graces I  50x130 Oil on canvas.

170x200 mixed media on canvas.

" Despojar" 100x100. Oil on canvas.

"Ascension" 80x145 mixed media on canvas.

"en vuelo" 80x120 Oil on canvas.

"Reflejo" 100x100 mixed media on canvas

"Exhaustion" 40x60 Oil on canvas.
*Note: The painting "Exhaustion"disappeared in the last exposition.(January2016)

"Night mantle II"   70x50 mixed media on wood.

Night mantle I   70x50 mixed media on wood.

"The three elements, air, sea, land" 90x160 mixed media on wood.

"Creatures of Nature" four pieces 25x50 mixed media on wood.

"Luna I,II" 25x25 Oil on canvas

"En Vano" Dibujos y Pinturas

The painting as a work platform, a plane where sensations are condensed, a study of the human body located in space, causing a constant struggle, a deep embodiment between having and being.

"Exhausted" 150x150 Mixed on canvas

Trepadores50x100 Oil on canvas.

150x90 Mixed on canvas

120x100 Oil on Canvas