Art in Nature give to contemporary art a unique context. 
A different intellectual and sensory experience.

Art in Nature explores the nature with artistic approaches. Landscape architecture, sculpture, painting and land art , are the tools for analyzing and developing a particular space. Focus on the development of natural space with human utilization, to explore art in rural areas, approaches to agriculture and culture, along with the notion of the "museum, gallery without walls" and the positive contribution of Art can make to sustaining and developing the country.

art installation- outdoor painting- sandra pons carreras
Art installation 150x90, two sides on purple methacrylate support. Mixed media

art installation- nature-vivarte-sandra pons carreras

balustrade-sculpture-sandra pons carreras
Balustrade-sculpture, Vivarte Nature, south Evia

Four pieces of art that combine painting and sculpture in the open space. An artistic conversation between colours and human kinesiology. The human attracts, falls, penetrates and stands up by determining, with the help of proportions, their place in the space.

Mythic Forest

A space created and inspired by Greek mythology related to nature. A meeting with the primary gods, nymphs, heroes: Demeter and Persephone, Narcissus and Echo, the Hesperides, Pan Prometheus…

Ephemeral art installation.A white canvas can be the starter plane, a threshold to dialogue in an organic globality.

 VivArte Nature. A haven of Art and Culture in south Evia, Greece